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Anthony and the Girls

Anthony and the Girls

Author: Ole Könnecke
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
ISBN: 0374303762
Pages: 32
Year: 2006-02-21
Anthony has a bucket, a shovel, and a really big car. But the girls playing in the sandbox don't look. They don't even look when attention-seeking Anthony does his best trick. Is there nothing he can do to turn their heads his way? In dazzlingly deadpan text and art, Ole Könnecke hilariously demonstrates how easy it is to stumble when trying too hard to make a splash. After all, as parents know and children will learn, it's not about what you've got but about how much heart.
The Happy Lion

The Happy Lion

Author: Louise Fatio
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375987037
Pages: 40
Year: 2015-03-10
The lion at the little French zoo is a favorite of all the townspeople. Every day they stop by to feed him tidbits and say, “Bonjour, Happy Lion.” Naturally, when the lion finds his door open, he decides it would only be proper to visit all his friendly neighbors in return. But, wait—sacré bleu! Why is everyone fleeing in terror? “Louise Fatio’s timeless tale about friendship still sparkles and Roger Duvoisin’s elegant illustrations are as engaging as ever in this 50th Anniversary edition.” —School Library Journal
Paddington at the Beach

Paddington at the Beach

Author: Michael Bond
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061687677
Pages: 32
Year: 2009-06-30
Nothing goes quite according to plan when Paddington Bear goes to the beach. Especially when, one by one, he is joined by hungry (and sneaky!) seagulls. Will Paddington's lunchtime snack be safe? Join one lovable bear and his ten flying friends for a delightful counting adventure!


Author: Jane Eastoe
Publisher: Pavilion
ISBN: 1862059489
Pages: 112
Year: 2012-04-19
The wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth II, as befits any monarch, is one of exquisite and sumptuous occasion frocks, dignified hats and coats for state visits and national walkabouts and practical clothes for off-duty pursuits. At every appearance, her public watch her closely and her outfits always come in for scrutiny and comment. Published to coincide with her Diamond Jubilee year, this remarkable book takes a fond look back at the days when her Majesty led the way in terms of fashion, showcasing the best of the world’s designers. From the coronation to the present day the Queen has attracted comment, but in the fifties and sixties particularly she was a style icon, copied and adored. In the 1950s her wardrobe was characterized by romantic, glamorous, yet practical dresses, with fashionable nipped-in waists and full skirts. A more tailored silhouette took over in the 1960s. While in the 1970s she embraced a more floaty, relaxed style to match the feel of the decade. Looking at the fabulous vintage wardrobe of our Queen tells us much about the times she has lived in as well as a glimpse into the archives of fashion. From the feminine, intricately embroidered New Look dresses of Norman Hartnell through the more tailored simplicity of Hardy Amies to the more flowing style of Ian Thomas in the 1970s, the Queen’s wardrobe has been inspirational in terms of vintage fashion. This sartorial biography charts a woman’s move from wasp-waisted princess to stately national icon and is a must-buy for the vintage clothes enthusiast as much as for dedicated followers of her Majesty the Queen.
Table Tennis Tactics

Table Tennis Tactics

Author: Klaus-M. Geske, Jens Mueller
ISBN: 1841262994
Pages: 118
Year: 2010
Shows you the table tennis tactics. This book offers a collection of various aspects of table tennis tactics for young players. It helps you to read your opponent's game and to decide how to play against forehand or backhand-dominant players. It also features tips on how playing tempo can be used as a tactical element.
A Mountain of Friends

A Mountain of Friends

Author: Kerstin Schoene
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited
ISBN: 155455313X
Pages: 24
Year: 2014-05-15
A lyrical story about the power of friendship in making dreams come true follows the efforts of a group of animals who help a sad little penguin experience flight.
Two Monsters

Two Monsters

Author: David McKee
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448187079
Pages: 28
Year: 2013-04-04
Two monsters live on either side of a mountain. Sometimes they talk through the hole in the mountain, but they never see each other. One evening, they get into a silly argument about whether day is departing or night is arriving, which escalates into a rock throwing fight, which eventually destroys the mountain, and enables the monsters to see each other's point of view and live together as friends.
Listening in

Listening in

Publisher: Onyx Books
ISBN: 0451192338
Pages: 317
Year: 1998
Guiltily eavesdropping on her neighbors in her new home in suburban Boston, Annie Morgan discovers that a doctor is responsible for the deaths of innocent women and babies, and sets out to expose a mysterious medical clinic. Original.