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Obstgehölze schneiden

Obstgehölze schneiden

Author: Hansjörg Haas
ISBN: 3833850663
Pages: 128
Year: 2016-02-06
Kaum eine Gartenarbeit wirft so viele Fragen auf wie der Schnitt: Wie erzieht man einen Apfelbaum oder eine Kiwi? Wann schneidet man Himbeeren oder Weinreben, damit sie viele leckere Früchte tragen? Ob Rundkrone, Spindelbaum oder Spalier: Dieser Ratgeber erklärt, wie man Schere und Säge richtig ansetzt, um Obstgehölze zu erziehen und gesund zu erhalten. Der Experte Hansjörg Haas beschreibt in anschaulichen Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen den Schnitt aller gängigen Obstarten. Tabellen geben Auskunft über den Schnitt von mehr als 80 typischen Obstsorten. Eine Diagnosetafel zeigt die häufigsten Schnittfehler und wie man sie wieder korrigiert. Der Schnittkalender dient zur Planung der einzelnen Maßnahmen und gibt die Zeiten an, zu denen man Obstgehölze am besten schneiden sollte. So ist eine reiche Ernte garantiert. Als besonderes Extra bietet die GU Garten & Natur Plus-App zusätzliche Videos mit nützlichen Praxistipps, z. B. zum Auslichtungsschnitt eines Apfelbaums im Frühjahr.
The Overnight

The Overnight

Author: Ramsey Campbell
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765351536
Pages: 416
Year: 2006-04-04
Overseeing his reluctant staff during an overnight inventory, Woody, an American manager of a British bookstore, works everyone to their limits to prove himself to his superiors but finds the job compromised by a series of bizarre events, including an employee's spontaneous illiteracy and another worker's death in a hit-and-run accident. Reprint.
Rosie's Babies

Rosie's Babies

Author: Martin Waddell
Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)
ISBN: 0763607185
Pages: 32
Year: 1999
As her mother gets her baby brother ready for bed, a young girl describes how she takes care of her own babies--stuffed animals--doing the same things that her mother does.
Fun with Horses Stencils

Fun with Horses Stencils

Author: Paul E. Kennedy, Horses
Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486298361
Pages: 6
Year: 1997-07
Six brightly colored, pre-cut stencils for tracing handsome horses innbsp;different poses. Fun for kids, useful for decorators.
Hints on Landscape Gardening

Hints on Landscape Gardening

Author: Foundation for Landscape Studies
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3038214884
Pages: 176
Year: 2014-05-29
„Pückler’s park in Muskau served as a textbook example of park design for American students through much of the twentieth century“ (Gert Gröning). Andeutungen über Landschaftsgärtnerei, the main work of Pückler-Muskau and classic source of landscape design, is made available here in a reliable and beautiful edition. The text is completed by the 44 views and four maps of the Muskau park in the Atlas that accompanied the original edition of 1834.
The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

Author: Phil McGraw
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743490398
Pages: 736
Year: 2004-01-01
A companion volume to "The Ultimate Weight Solution" offers advice on strategies for eating out, portion size, calorie count, pantry stocking, and supplements and meal replacements.
Pussycats Deluxe

Pussycats Deluxe

Author: Didier Carré
Publisher: Skylight Editions
ISBN: 303766648X
Pages: 122
Year: 2013-09
Text in English, French & German. "Nearly 10 years have passed since "Stainless Ladies", my first volume of photographs, came out, and its been about 30 years since I took my first photographs, in black and white, back in 1983. This time, my fourth volume contains results that are more realistic and less dream-like; closer to a rougher, ruder reality. My models are indecent and cheeky all at the same time; they possess the same subtle but captivating blend of fragility and strength. They give nothing away: is it their sex you want to see? No problem, you will! As the observer, you will not be able to resist getting involved. At first, their total lack of shame shocks you, but then puts an irresistible spell on you. And although we know that this is a game of image and illusion, you may want to hate them, but they remain out of reach. In this game, the roles of hunter and prey have been reversed, which is the unsettling part, right? When you get to the end and wake up in the last few pages, you will be wondering whether it was all only a dream, or perhaps even a kind of nightmare. If the next thing you hear is a gentle giggling, it must be the girls, who can take off their panties so quickly no camera is able to spot them! And so, now we take our leave of you, I and my accomplices, great experts as we are in the art of sweet torment." -- Didier Carre
The Electromagnet and Electromagnetic Mechanism

The Electromagnet and Electromagnetic Mechanism

Author: Silvanus Phillips Thompson
Pages: 450
Year: 1891

American Public Policy: An Introduction

American Public Policy: An Introduction

Author: Clarke E. Cochran, Lawrence C. Mayer, T. R. Carr, N. Joseph Cayer, Mark McKenzie
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305687981
Pages: 560
Year: 2015-01-06
AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY: AN INTRODUCTION engages students with a unique emphasis on specific, substantive issues of public policy. It also kindles discussion that helps make public policy personal as students apply their knowledge to real-life policies. The authors present policy material step-by-step-explaining each policy's historical context, building a picture of the existing policy, and prompting students to evaluate and discuss possible alternatives. This new edition includes updated and expanded coverage on key policy issues, including immigration, unemployment insurance, gun control, and the Affordable Care Act. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Author: Vimala Pillari
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
ISBN: 0534350283
Pages: 350
Year: 1998
Using a direct and student-centered style, Vimala Pillari shows readers why people behave the way they do and prepares them for situations they will encounter on the job and in daily living. The book focuses on the psychological, socio-cultural, and biological influences on human development, includes coverage of personality theories, and offers, for each different stage of the life cycle, coverage of physical growth; the physical environment; the cognitive, social, and psychological environments; and relevant personality theories.
Mein Englisch-Bildwörterbuch

Mein Englisch-Bildwörterbuch

ISBN: 378555074X
Pages: 48
Year: 2004
Trotz anderem Cover: Identisch in Themen, Illustrationen und Vokabeln ist das Buch schon mehrfach aufgelegt worden: Zunächst als "Ur"Version "Ich lerne Englisch" (BA 10/97). Dann, 2001 im Gondrom Verlag, als "Mein erstes großes Englisch Bildwörterbuch", ISBN 3811218697, (nicht besprochen, inzwischen nicht mehr erhältlich). Der GondromVerlag baute den Titel auch als ganze Reihe aus, u.a. "Mein erstes großes Italienisch Bildwörterbuch", "Mein erstes großes Türkisch Bildwörterbuch" (beide BA 9/03). Mit neuem Cover, etwas kleinformatiger, etwas günstiger, ansonsten unverändert, wird die Reihe nun wieder beim LoeweVerlag herausgegeben. Sprich: Wer bereits eine der beiden oben genannten EnglischBildwörterbücher besitzt, braucht diesen Titel außer als Austausch oder Staffelexemplar demnach nicht zu kaufen. Für alle anderen gilt die sehr positive Bewertung der "UrVersion" immer noch trotz der inzwischen größeren Anzahl von Konkurrenzprodukten . So kann vorliegender Titel jetzt neben dem etwas umfangreicheren "Bildwörterbuch Englisch" von Langenscheidt (BA 7/03) vorbehaltlos empfohlen werden. . In Themen wie Familie, Alltag, Freizeit etc. wird ein Wortschatz von rund 800 Wörtern vermittelt. Ab 6.
People and Politics

People and Politics

Author: Willy Brandt
Publisher: Little Brown
ISBN: 0316106402
Pages: 524
Year: 1978-01-01

Esprit Montmartre

Esprit Montmartre

Author: Ingrid Pfeiffer, Max Hollein
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag
ISBN: 3777421979
Pages: 319
Year: 2014-02
Removed from the glamour and over-the-top grandeur of Paris during the French Belle Époque, the village-like district of Montmartre stood apart for many poets, artists, and composers as the “other Paris,” a more rural place on the outskirts of the city. In contrast with the wide boulevards and well-tended parks of Haussmann’s Paris, Montmartre possessed stretches of still-vacant land, strolling flâneurs, and the infamous maquis packed with the makeshift homes of les misérables. As a bohemian refuge from the relentlessly modern metropolis, Montmartre played an important role for Van Gogh, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, and the many other creatives who called the hilltop neighborhood home. While the works of the earlier impressionists tended to mirror the well-heeled bourgeois lifestyle to which they were accustomed, this new generation of post-impressionists captured the idyllic landscapes and quaint corner cafés of Montmartre as well as its harsh realities, including the lives of vagabonds and prostitutes. The more than three hundred paintings reproduced in this volume are organized thematically, with chapters that collect works portraying everyday street scenes, the “rural city” and the effects of urbanization, and the raucous Montmartre nightlife, including paintings of the Moulin de la Galette and the legendary Moulin Rouge. The paintings are accompanied by maps and historical photographs, including works by Eugène Atget. A critic of the time once commented on Montmartre that “the quarter resembles a huge studio.” Esprit Montmartre explores this rich period of artistic production, the contexts that influenced it, and how these contexts continue to influence the image of the artist and subject today.