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Conversazioni con Carlo Maria Martini

Conversazioni con Carlo Maria Martini

Author: Vito Mancuso, Eugenio Scalfari
Publisher: Fazi Editore
ISBN: 8864117911
Pages: 175
Year: 2012-09-25T00:00:00+02:00
«È un dono, la fede, ma è anche una conquista che si può perdere ogni giorno e ogni giorno si può riconquistare». Carlo Maria Martini «Ci si sente come sentinelle avanzate su un terreno incognito». Eugenio Scalfari «Alla fine ciò che determina il valore di un essere umano è il metodo». Vito Mancuso
God has Many Names

God has Many Names

Author: John Hick
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349163082
Pages: 108
Year: 1980-06-05

At the Existentialist Café

At the Existentialist Café

Author: Sarah Bakewell
Publisher: Knopf Canada
ISBN: 0345810945
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-03-01
Great philosophy meets powerful biography in this entertaining and immensely readable portrait of mid-20th century Paris and the fascinating characters of Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus, and their circle, who loved and hated, drank and debated with each other--and forever changed the way we think about thinking. At the Existentialist Café is a thrilling look at the famous group of post-war thinkers who became known as the Existentialists: Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus, Heidegger, and their circle. Starting with Paris after the devastation of the Second World War, Sarah Bakewell (winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for her previous book) takes us inside the passionate debates and equally passionate lives of these brilliant, if flawed, characters. Here is a wonderful, vibrant look at the social, artistic and political currents that shaped the existentialist movement--a mode of thinking and being that, as Bakewell vividly shows, deeply affects us today. Never has the story of this influential group, and especially that of the legendary relationship between Sartre and de Beauvoir, been told with such verve and sweep, weaving personal life with social upheaval and the universal quest for understanding. From the Hardcover edition.
A History of the Popes

A History of the Popes

Author: John W. O'Malley
Publisher: Government Institutes
ISBN: 1580512291
Pages: 368
Year: 2009-11-16
A History of the Popes tells the story of the oldest living institution in the Western world—the papacy. From its origins in Saint Peter, Jesus' chief disciple, through Pope Benedict XVI today, the popes have been key players in virtually all of the great dramas of the western world in the last two thousand years. Acclaimed church historian John W. O'Malley's engaging narrative examines the 265 individuals who have claimed to be Peter's successors. Rather than describe each pope one by one, the book focuses on the popes that shaped pivotal moments in both church and world history. The author does not shy away from controversies in the church, and includes legends like Pope Joan and a comprehensive list of popes and antipopes to help readers get a full picture of the papacy. This simultaneously reverent yet critical book will appeal to readers interested in both religion and history as it chronicles the saints and sinners who have led the Roman Catholic Church over the past 2000 years. The author draws from his popular audio CD lecture series on the topic, 2,000 Years of Papal History, available through Now You Know Media (
A Farewell to Truth

A Farewell to Truth

Author: Gianni Vattimo
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231527551
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-03-25
With Western cultures becoming more pluralistic, the question of "truth" in politics has become a game of interpretations. Today, we face the demise of the very idea of truth as an objective description of facts, though many have yet to acknowledge that this is changing. Gianni Vattimo explicitly engages with the important consequences for democracy of our changing conception of politics and truth, such as a growing reluctance to ground politics in science, economics, and technology. Yet in Vattimo's conception, a farewell to truth can benefit democracy, exposing the unspoken issues that underlie all objective claims. The end of absolute truth challenges the legitimacy of policies based on perceived objective necessities protecting the free market, for example, even if it devastates certain groups or classes. Vattimo calls for a truth that is constructed with consensus and a respect for the liberty of all. By taking into account the cultural paradigms of others, a more "truthful" society freer and more democratic becomes possible. In this book, Vattimo continues his reinterpretation of Christianity as a religion of charity and hope, freeing society from authoritarian, metaphysical dogmatism. He also extends Nietzsche's "death of God" to the death of an authoritarian God, ushering in a new, postreligious Christianity. He connects the thought of Martin Heidegger, Karl Marx, and Karl Popper with surprising results and accommodates modern science more than in his previous work, reconciling its validity with an insistence that knowledge is interpretive. Vattimo's philosophy justifies Western nihilism in its capacity to dispense with absolute truths. Ranging over politics, ethics, religion, and the history of philosophy, his reflections contribute deeply to a modern reconception of God, metaphysics, and the purpose of reality.
Survival In Auschwitz

Survival In Auschwitz

Author: Primo Levi
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684826801
Pages: 187
Year: 1996
The author describes his twenty month ordeal in the Nazi death camp.
Night Conversations with Cardinal Martini: The Relevance of the Church for Tomorrow

Night Conversations with Cardinal Martini: The Relevance of the Church for Tomorrow

Author: Carlo Maria Martini, Georg Sporschill
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 1587682885
Pages: 68
Year: 2014-05-14
Carlo M. Martini was cardinal of the largest diocese in the world, a scholar, and one of the most renowned men of the church. Georg Sporschill has worked in prisons and lived with drug-addicted street children in Romania and Moldavia. The two Jesuits met in Jerusalem and became firends: two worlds, one faith--and a passionate search for ways in which the message of Jesus of Nazareth can still be effective for tomorrow. In a series of conversations they ask what faith can mean for life, what future young people have in the church, and what must be changed so that Crhistianity itself has a future. The questions from young people are the catalyst for deep thought. Is the future only dark? Where are the rays of light on the horizon? What would Jesus say today?
The Origins of Fascist Ideology 1918-1925

The Origins of Fascist Ideology 1918-1925

Author: Emilio Gentile
Publisher: Enigma Books
ISBN: 1929631189
Pages: 405
Year: 2013-10-18
This is the first detailed and definitive study of the development and initial success of fascism as it originated in Italy right after the First World War.
Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Author: Doug Johnstone
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571270468
Pages: 272
Year: 2012-02-28
Driving home from a party with his girlfriend and brother, all of them drunk and high on stolen pills, Billy Blackmore accidentally hits someone in the night. In a panic, they all decide to drive off. But the next day Billy wakes to find he has to cover the story for the local paper. It turns out the dead man was Edinburgh's biggest crime lord and, as Billy struggles with what he's done, he is sucked into a nightmare of guilt, retribution and violence. From the author of the acclaimed Smokeheads, Hit & Run is another pitch-black psychological thriller.
The Way of Man

The Way of Man

Author: Martin Buber
Publisher: Citadel Press
ISBN: 0806500247
Pages: 41
Year: 1966

Scritti in onore di Gianna Piantoni

Scritti in onore di Gianna Piantoni

Author: Gianna Piantoni, Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna (Italy)
Pages: 379
Year: 2007

Bach Flower Massage

Bach Flower Massage

Author: Daniele Lo Rito
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN: 0892817364
Pages: 208
Year: 1997-10
Bach Flower Massage contains all the information you need to begin treating yourself and others with the 38 flower remedies. Includes a list of the indications treated by each essence, illustrations of the flowers themselves, and tips on where to find them in the wild.
She Who Is

She Who Is

Author: Elizabeth A. Johnson
Publisher: Herder & Herder
ISBN: 0824522400
Pages: 296
Year: 2017-04
Winner of the Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion, this classic text explains what feminist theology is and how we can rediscover the feminine God within the Christian tradition, offering a profound vision of Christian theology, women's experience, and emancipation. First published in 1992, it immediately caused a groundswell reaction for and against the concept of women's participation and role in the Christian church. It is both controversial and thought provoking. It served as the seminal text in the analysis of woman and Christianity. This 25th anniversary edition, with new content, will keep it in the forefront of the feminist theology conversation.
Without Buddha I Could not be a Christian

Without Buddha I Could not be a Christian

Author: Paul F. Knitter
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1780742487
Pages: 264
Year: 2013-01-01
Being a Christian isn’t easy. Sustaining belief without any doubts for one’s entire life is a very rare accomplishment. Indeed, many would say that examining one’s faith at least once is a central part of the Christian condition. In this landmark work, esteemed theologian Paul Knitter explains the unique path that he took to overcome his doubts, becoming a stronger Christian in the process. Honest and unflinching, Without Buddha I Could not be a Christian narrates each common spiritual dilemma that Knitter has struggled with and explains how a Buddhist worldview has allowed him to resolve each one. From the ‘petitioning’ nature of Christian prayer to how Christianity views life after death, Knitter argues that a Buddhist standpoint can help inspire a more person-centred conception of Christianity, where individual religious experience comes first, and liturgy and tradition second. Moving and revolutionary, this book will inspire Christians everywhere.
La Scena giornale di musica, coreografia, drammatica e varieta red. Vinc. E. dal Torso

La Scena giornale di musica, coreografia, drammatica e varieta red. Vinc. E. dal Torso

Author: Vincenzo E ..... Dal Torso
Year: 1866