Bewegungsapparat Hund Funktionelle Anatomie Biomechanik Und Pathophysiologie Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Bewegungsapparat Hund

Bewegungsapparat Hund

Author: Mima Hohmann
Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag
ISBN: 3132418145
Pages: 448
Year: 2018-04-11
„Alles ist miteinander verbunden und hat einen Sinn“ – Plastisch angefertigte Muskeln an echten Knochen zeigen die Zusammenhänge des gesamten Bewegungsapparates des Hundes auf 900 Abbildungen. Mit ausführlichen Beschreibungen, übersichtlichen Steckbriefen und einzigartigen Bildern werden die Biomechanik, das Zusammenspiel der einzelnen Muskelgruppen und eventuelle Störungen der Bewegungsabläufe dargestellt. Dadurch kann das System „Bewegungsapparat“ in seinem Verlauf genau erfasst und gelernt werden. In dieser Neuauflage wurden, neben dem Bildmaterial, insbesondere die Funktionsprüfungen bei Wirbelsäule und Becken erweitert. Indem klinische Aspekte aufgezeigt werden, lässt sich das Wissen in der täglichen Arbeit praktisch umsetzen und anwenden.
Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats

Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats

Author: Christina Matern
Publisher: Thieme
ISBN: 3131645113
Pages: 384
Year: 2011-12-14
Skillfully integrating traditional concepts of Chinese medicine with clinical experience and modern scientific research, Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats brings together all current information in one convenient book. Its atlas-style format, highlighted by hundreds of full-color photographs and supporting text, makes it ideal as a quick, user-friendly reference in the clinic or training program. Special Features: An easy-to-use, double-page spread designed for fast retrieval of information--on the left, concise text describes the effects, indications, localization, technique, and depth of insertion for each acupuncture point; on the right, high-quality photographs demonstrate all concepts Bones and muscles have been precisely drawn into each photograph, a valuable tool for localization of points A comprehensive discussion of all acupuncture points in all channels ensures that you have full mastery of the field A complete introduction to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), channel systems, TCM diagnostics, point selection, and point categories (such as Ting or Luo points) provide a strong foundation in the concepts of veterinary TCM The only book to focus solely on acupuncture for small animals, this handy, pocket-size atlas is unique in the field. It offers a wealth of practical knowledge and a pictorial reference for veterinarians, animal acupuncturists, students, and trainees whose goal is to provide the highest level of treatment to the animals in their care.
Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy, Volume 3, The Dog and Cat E-Book

Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy, Volume 3, The Dog and Cat E-Book

Author: Stanley H. Done, Peter C. Goody, Susan A. Evans, Neil C. Stickland
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0723435790
Pages: 540
Year: 2009-04-28
If you are looking for a book that presents a unique photographic record of dissections showing the topographical anatomy of the dog and cat: this is the atlas for you! Part of a comprehensive 3-volume set that also covers Ruminants (Volume 1) and The Horse (Volume 2), the Color Atlas of the Dog and Cat takes a complete look at virtually every aspect of veterinary anatomy. With this book you will be able to see the position and relationships of bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and viscera that go to make up each region of the body and each organ system. Rich with full-color photographs and drawings of dissections prepared specifically for these texts, each book in the series illustrates regional surface features photographed before dissection, then gives high-quality complementary photographs of articulated skeletons. Accessibly and systematically structured with each chapter is devoted to a specific body region Important features of regional and topographical anatomy presented in full color photos of detailed dissections Detailed color line drawings clarify the relationships of relevant structures Website offers drag and drop quizzes and the chance to test yourself with mcqs Informative captions give additional information necessary for proper interpretation of the images Presents anatomy in a clinical context
Exam Ref 70-486 Developing ASP.Net MVC Web Applications

Exam Ref 70-486 Developing ASP.Net MVC Web Applications

Author: James Chambers, David Paquette, Simon Timms
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 1509300929
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-09-14
Direct from Microsoft, this Exam Ref is the official study guide for the new Microsoft MCSD 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications certification exam. It offers professional-level preparation that helps candidates maximize their exam performance and sharpen their skills on the job. Microsoft Exam Ref publications stand apart from third-party study guides because they: Provide guidance from Microsoft, the creator of Microsoft certification exams Target IT professional-level exam candidates with content focused on their needs, not "one-size-fits-all content Streamline study by organizing material according to the exam's objective domain (OD), covering one functional group and its objectives in each chapter\ Feature Thought Experiments to guide candidates through a set of what if? scenarios and prepare them more effectively for Pro-level style exam questions. Explore big picture thinking around the planning and designing aspects of the IT pro's job role, as opposed to the more task-driven work of by the technology specialist Exam Ref 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications focuses on the expertise measured by these objectives: Design the application architecture Design the user experience Develop the user experience Troubleshoot and debug web applications Design and implement security Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications About the Exam Exam 70-486 focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to develop Microsoft ASP.NET MVC-based web solutions. About Microsoft MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer Certification Passing this exam helps you earn an MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer certification, demonstrating your skills in creating and deploying modern web applications and services. You can earn this certification by passing Exam 70-480, Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3; Exam 70-486, Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications; and Exam 70-487, Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services. See full details at:
Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals

Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals

Author: R. Michael Akers, D. Michael Denbow
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118688600
Pages: 704
Year: 2013-09-05
Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals, Second Edition offers a detailed introduction to the foundations of anatomy and physiology in a wide range of domestic species. Well illustrated throughout, the book provides in-depth information on the guiding principles of this key area of study for animal science students, fostering a thorough understanding of the complex make-up of domestic animals. This Second Edition includes access to supplementary material online, including images and tables available for download in PowerPoint, a test bank of questions for instructors, and self-study questions for students at Taking a logical systems-based approach, this new edition is fully updated and now provides more practical information, with descriptions of anatomic or physiological events in pets or domestic animals to demonstrate everyday applications. Offering greater depth of information than other books in this area, Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals is an invaluable textbook for animal science students and professionals in this area.
Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals

Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals

Author: Horst Erich König, Hans-Georg Liebich, H. Bragulla
Publisher: Schattauer Verlag
ISBN: 3794524853
Pages: 768
Year: 2007
A revised third edition of this bestselling textbook. It contains a unique blend of text, colour photographs, imaging and diagrams describing the gross systematic and topographical anatomy of domestic mammals. Throughout the book the authors focus on anatomical relationships to clinical conditions and where appropriate, to microscopic anatomy, histology, embryology and physiology. Greatest emphasis is given to dog and cat and horse, with relevant information on ox/cow, pig, sheep, goat and rabbit. The book combines meticulous science and superb illustrations, and will be a life-long source of reference for veterinary students, practitioners, educators and researchers.


Author: Maurice E. Müller, Martin Allgöwer, S.M. Perren
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540525238
Pages: 750
Year: 1991
In the early 1950s, the pioneering work of Robert Danis on operative treatment of fractures was in danger of falling into oblivion. Maurice E. Muller, impressed and intrigued by his contacts with Danis, first critically applied internal fixation and immediate mobilization to some 80 patients and found the basic concept confirmed, but in need of further develop­ ment with regard to technology, clinical application, and scientific analysis. In 1958 he assembled a group of friends, general and orthopedic surgeons, willing to invest time and effort in helping to create the necessary armamentarium and to form a study group for clinical trials. This group was set up in the same year under the name Arbeitsgemein­ schaft fiir Osteosynthesefragen (AO), later on to be known in English-speaking countries as the Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (ASIF). The first report on operative treatment of fractures by Muller, Allgower, and Willeneg­ ger, published in 1963, stressed the advantages of early open reduction and internal fixa­ tion. This book, first published in German, amusingly lost an important part when trans­ lated into English. At the suggestion of worried American and English partp. ers, a picture series showing the healing pattern of 188 tibial fractures operated on in Chur between December 20, 1961 and April26, 1962 was left out.
Illustrated Veterinary Anatomical Nomenclature

Illustrated Veterinary Anatomical Nomenclature

Author: Oskar Schaller
Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag
ISBN: 3830410697
Pages: 614
Year: 2007-01-01
Depicts and defines more than 6500 structures named in the "Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria" (NAV), aiding the user in understanding anatomy and in clarifying its concepts. This book focuses on the gross anatomical structures of the cat, dog, pig, ox, sheep, goat, and horse.
Your Inner Physician and You

Your Inner Physician and You

Author: John E. Upledger
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556432461
Pages: 223
Year: 1997
The "inner physician" is that part of the psyche that can heal--when one becomes aware of the psycho-emotional issues that come with pain. Dr. Upledger describes his methods through personal accounts such as that from Mary Ellen Clark, the Olympic diver, whom he cured of dizziness.
On Modern Methods of Treating Fractures

On Modern Methods of Treating Fractures

Author: Ernest William Hey Groves
Pages: 286
Year: 1916

Indikation zur Operation

Indikation zur Operation

Author: G. Heberer, L. Schweiberer
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642870546
Pages: 1056
Year: 2013-08-31
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Evidence-based Rehabilitation

Evidence-based Rehabilitation

Author: Mary C. Law, Joy MacDermid
Publisher: SLACK Incorporated
ISBN: 1556427689
Pages: 434
Year: 2008
This text provides the most up-to-date information on evidence-based practice, the concepts underlying evidence-based practice, and implementing evidence into the rehabilitation practice. This text is organized by the steps of the process of evidence-based practice--introduction to evidence-based practice, finding the evidence, assessing the evidence, and using the evidence.
Blunt Multiple Trauma

Blunt Multiple Trauma

Author: John R. Border
Publisher: Marcel Dekker Incorporated
ISBN: 0824781724
Pages: 861
Year: 1990

Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

Author: Hilary Mary Clayton, Peter F. Flood, Diana S. Rosenstein
Publisher: Mosby Incorporated
ISBN: 072343302X
Pages: 122
Year: 2005
This new volume is the first photographic atlas of equine anatomy to integrate illustrations of prepared specimens with correlative images of the same structures as visualised by each of the commonly used imaging modalities; radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy. Additional images illustrate the position and orientation of these structures in the living animal, as they would most commonly be encountered, either in the course of a physical examination (for example the viscera or reproductive organs in a rectal or vaginal examination), or as they present in the prone animal, during a surgical procedure. Thus the atlas has a true utility for the practitioner as well as the student. The only atlas of anatomy that combines illustrations of gross anatomy with radiographic images, ultrasound and endoscopic views to give a complete appreciation of all the structures Preparations of cross-sectional anatomy aid interpretation of diagnostic imaging such as ultrasonography All photographs are of fresh material, or living animals, rather than preserved specimens, to demonstrate the appearance of tissues in the living animal, or at post mortem autopsy Includes annotated images to illustrate the position and orientation of structures in situ, in the living animal, as they will be encountered in carrying out a physical examination or surgical procedure Colour photographs, with correlative radiographs are selected according to clinical importance
Fascial Manipulation for Internal Dysfunctions

Fascial Manipulation for Internal Dysfunctions

Author: Luigi Stecco, Carla Stecco
ISBN: 3794540352
Pages: 338
Year: 2014-01-30